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BrandCraft Strategy, Cincinnati Brand & Marketing Agency
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Brandcraft is a consumer-centric brand-marketing agency that combines the intelligence of a brand consultancy with the inspiration of a creative studio. We nurture new brands, revitalize existing ones and launch them for success in the marketplace.


Your consumer is our world.


By consumer, we don’t just mean someone who buys a thing. A consumer is anyone who uses, or influences decisions about, anything; a product, place, service or organization.


When it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is your consumer.


Why? Because what you have to offer may be far superior to anything your competitors offer. But if you can’t convince your consumer, what do you really have? A product, service, place or organization that’s easily forgotten, copied or uncompetitive in the marketplace.


A brand is something that connects with your consumer in ways that matter. Brands are relevant. Meaningful. Empathetic. They inspire loyalty.


When you get to know your consumer, you get to know your brand. When you create for your consumer, you create a brand that connects.


We believe in doing good for others through brand building.


Brandcraft is an agency that puts people first – the people who inspire brands, and the teams that build them. We value people. We give people a place where they can put their passion to work for brands that match their values, without the rigidity of a typical work environment. So every day feels less like work and more like living.

Our Process

Our process is built on the premise that love for brands is built from the inside-out. Give consumers a vision of something they can believe in, and they’ll project their love for the brand outward.

  • Discover

    Immersive Consumer Research
    Strategic Facilitation
    Secondary Research
    Trends Analysis

  • Explore

    Ideation Workshops
    Brand/Innovation Strategy
    Concept Development
    Brand Identity

  • Test & Learn

    Taste & Use Testing
    Test Campaign
    Test Marketing

  • Grow

    Marketing Planning & Execution

Our Team

Our team of creative brand builders and product developers specialize in bringing great brands to market – rapidly. (Our start-up clients wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Brandcraft is a place where crazy talented people do great work for great brands – a reality made possible through a unique partnership with Healthy Nation, a company on a mission to change the way families eat for the better. (Check out our first work-in-progress collaboration here.) Our teams work seamlessly together at every step in the process of bringing brands to market, from idea creation to consumer validation to brand development, launch and marketing. A collection of dedicated brand builders and specialized contractors, our team is rapidly growing, but our values as a company remain the same: to do good for others through brand building.

Our Clients